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Our headquater , Rentracks Co. LTD is an internet advertisement company, and a public company listed in Tokyo stock market.

Our philosophy is to provide suitable information and convenience to people and make real use of internet for people.

Since our founding , internet advertisement business has been our core business which gains a large market share at the moment in Japan for service. With operation capability which maximizes the advertising effectiveness as our strength, we capture the demands for video ads by smartphone penetration and keep high growth rate until now.

Also we are a global communications marketing firm that partners with the world's leading businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

Rentracks (Dalian), is a branch of Rentracks grounp in China, an agent that provide all internet medias advertisement service in China to overseas clients and also provide overseas media service to all Chinese companies who are eager to go overseas for more development currently.

Our proven strategy is to make local medias working more for global market, the strongest insurance against competitive disruption, the antidote to region consumer difference, and the best path to continued growth.

We've evolved more and more internet, mobile application medias to our network in China. In addition to traditional PR, our work now encompasses most mobile communications marketing, our data-and-insight-driven approach to integrated campaigns; and digital strategies and solutions.

Our Chinese teams of strategists, creators and counselors working with other Asian countries team members, bringing different internet advertisement to what our clients have long valued us for — in-depth expertise, unexpected ideas, and ingenious storytelling that together drive valuable impact on their businesses. We're global in reach, but our people are local, with in-depth knowledge of markets, cultures, and issues.

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In China, our major business are three sections, advertisement, Wechat public account shop service, Wechat art school service.

Our team developed the best system to fit Wechat APP. The reason we are concentrating on wechat service, is as well known, Wechat belongs to Tencent, the giant internet company in China like Facebook in US, and it is the only major smart phone APP service in communication and sharing information tool in people's daily life in China. Chinese are using Wechat more than 3.5 hours everyday by average record, and it is definitely having great impact on advertisement business. We are dealing more local advertisement on the major tool for our customers.

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